Next Fighter Practice:
Tuesday, 2019-11-12
Practice is: Indoors

This is the web page for the Barony of Sternfeld, a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

Our lands include the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, and surrounding counties of Hamilton, Marion, Hancock, Morgan, and Shelby, and Johnson county north of State Road 44, Indiana.


We will be having our first A&S class (four panel hats) at the new practice and social space tomorrow. Anne Mulligan (Nancy Hoogerwerf) will be teaching the first class. Please feel free to contact her if there is something you would like to teach or seen taught at future classes. We will also have a short meeting (no officers reports) before the A&S class. Please contact Ronin (Christopher Sweets) with any items you would like to get on the agenda. Dinner after practice will be at the Red Lion Grog House (1043 Virginia Avenue, #6, Indianapolis, IN 46203). We should be getting there around 9:30. Please feel free to attend even if you do not make it to practice. As a reminder, practice is at the new site, Longfellow Magnet Middle School. The address is 510 Laurel St., Indianapolis, IN 46203 from 6 to 9 Tuesdays.

Odo of Sternfeld

Facebook pages for the Barony of Sternfeld have now been archived and a single facebook page will be used going forward.

General Announcements

We are using VolunteerSpot to wrangle volunteers for Largesse and upcoming events. Here's the link to Sternfeld's page:
CLICK to view Volunteer Opportunities - VolunteerSpot

A new page describing what we do at demos for other groups has been posted. If you are interested in having Sternfeld come to demonstrate medieval combat, arts, and sciences, please contact the seneschal at

If you've got a new site in mind for events, please contact them and fill out the form located at this link! If you don't want to talk to them yourself but think of a site that might work, please email it to the seneschal at

Events, Meetings and Gatherings

See our Activities Page for details on all our events, meetings, and gatherings of all kinds including combat practices. Our calendar is available and posted online at this link.

Upcoming Baronial Events


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