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Archery Practice is postponed as the school is currently unavailable for practice.

Barony of Sternfeld- November Business Meeting Notes

April 20, 2017 Sternfeld Business meeting


Great Officers and Their Deputies

Baron & Baroness- TOC Happened. It was a good event from the field. The barony seems to be going well. There may soon be a baronial armor making day.

Seneschal- Reports are current.

Exchequer - report was sent in 14118.62 balance. 438 collected in (pull numbers from email) midrealm has approved paypal for taking of online registrations. Some smaller kingdoms also Square. This will be put in online, Hopefully Square in future. This will allow us to add whatever items (electric campsites, horse stalls, feast, whatever. Was used at gulf wars and coronation. You fill it out and register. Behind the scenes a paypal invoice is created. Refunds are not automatic, they must be generated by check by us, and paypal fees are non-refundable.

Polling on Paypal- the three person finance committee unanimously approved this. 14 totaled (all in attendance) approved

Saldis Proposing not charging for children. Wulfwen asked ages and ideas first be posted to group

Marshals (Armored, Fence, Archery, Equestrian, Youth) - Armored marshal Thank you Matteo for stepping up.

Fencing Marshal- no one is yet dead. Moira and Torquil waiting on background checks, been more than 2 months

Equestrian- Practice Apr. 2 3 new riders, total of 9 riders. May 7 3 pm at just us stables

Youth marshal had her hip replaced recently, wish her well

Archery Marshal- no report at this time

Herald- Nothing to report.

Minister of Arts & Sciences- Grand pageant on the 8th. The foremost was the dancing. The A&S classes were geared towards teaching the various dances to be used in the band The Sternfeld Eclectic Orchestra made its first appearance. Colette did a lovely job leading dances and Moira Eiriksdotter did a lovely job leading dance band.

Chronicler/Webminister- I expect to have the Simple Day site up and running by this weekend. How to best display the newsletter, how to best display the officer's report. Email/blast? Officer reports to be published online

Chatelaine/Castellan - Nicu is still busy. No new people problems at grand pageant.

Constellation is trying to call for photos. #midrealm to spread our word

Property Master- Ronan is emeritus. New tires are now on trailer. TF logistics is moving. They will need us to move our stuff to a new location. We are looking for storage solutions. All things must be moved by mid-May. Back 40 storage in Cumberland is cheapest 200 sqft lockers for $90 per month. Time to purge. Consider replacing instead of storing if it is cheaper to replace than store.

Odette has moved that we approve up to 940 a month for secondary storage for 7 months. Discussion on writing grant proposals to corporate sponsors, Rubbermaid etc. Moira will work on this.

Facebook events needed for the move

Motion up to 300 approved for bins finance meeting after

Interest Groups

Bardic- had a sleepover that was amazing. There was a get together last weekend.

Cooking- less attendance of late

Costumers- Apr. 15th workday

Dance- the park will start charging. GP was great, there was even a belly dance class archery added. All of the fighting was outside.

Metalworking/Scribes- Ceridwen is releasing signet. Waltrudis is now signet. A scribal day will be coming. William and Isolde are working to ensure these happen. June 17 at Brownsburg library as workday.

Break down garment holders needed for gold key

Grand Pageant/Tournament of Chivalry wrap-up - I would like to not let this die. Earliest next is fall of 2018. Lots of good feedback. Very successful in terms of $$, attendance and feedback. Armored combatants also happy. 90-100 fighters total.
Simple Day - Pale ad by looking for largesse items FOR the royals Looking for people to teach classes, merchants, Kat has the largesse
Other Items Of Interest
Pride is estimating 100000 plus, there is payment planned. It will be at military park in Indy. We can be in parade, be in booth or booth. 150 for parade, booth 175. Because this conincides with other events this year we will consider for next year this time.
Service and the art of no. Wulfwen planning to beta test a class.
Storage – need a new space by mid-May
Event Planning – reviewing and expanding existing forms
Society Announcement- David Walls has been expelled from the SCA. He has been notified via mail. This means he may no longer participate in any Society activity, including but not limited to meetings, events and practices. If you have any questions please contact Wulfwen. He has been removed from our Facebook group and yahoo group.

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