The Baron and Baroness of Sternfeld

Ulfr Imason and Odile de Brienne

Barons and Baronesses may wear a gold coronet with six pearls, ornamented as they see fit. The Baron and Baroness of a Barony are ceremonial positions. The Baron and Baroness are local representatives of the Crown. They make and give Baronial awards.

Baron Ulfr is a 9th century Dane with a fondness for the arts martial and a penchant for hitting people very hard with large sticks. He also has an interest in sundry arts and sciences, having dabbled in carpentry, meadmaking, leather- and metalwork, and armor making with various degrees of success. As the one-time Knight's Marshal of the Barony, he has an abiding interest in training and improving the Baronial cohort of armored fighters, particularly in teaching newcomers.

Baroness Odile is a 14th century lady of French extraction, more known for her interest in costuming than in the arts martial, though she has been known to shoot archery on occasion and is even rumored to have been glimpsed in armor from time to time. Her art and science interests extend into many areas, although she has a marked preference for textile arts and research. She has held several Baronial offices in the past, including Chronicler and Property Master.

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