Business Meeting

The monthly Business Meeting is open to all. This is where the day-to-day business of running the group is handled. Attendees wear modern attire.

The Business Meeting is held every 3rd Thursday at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. 2601 E Thompson Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46227. Meeting time is 6:45 PM - 9:00 PM

Donations to the Food Bank are always welcome! St. Timothy's is the only Gleaners location on the south side.

Latest Business Meeting Notes

Sternfeld Business Meeting Agenda

Oct 18, 2018

Baron and Baroness - We hosted bardic, we had a lovely time. The poems will be shared at Bardic this weekend. Bardic madness is in 2 weekends

Officer reports :

Exchequer - We have money. We have finished th book check up. We have roughly 21,000 in the bank account. Signatories are Dai, Ronan, Moira, Saldis, and Eirek. Krannart is yet unpaid. It will cost $900. This needs to be paid. Pass the hat at the gym bring 40-60. SALT also donated Clown Tourney funds

Property Master - Storage needs unloaded, might be convenient to load for BWTA at this time

Martials -

Herald - Everyone should register and use their heraldry!!! Demo went well, thank you all for your help. Send feedback on Demo to Colette the Seamstress. Cecily wants voice heralds for Crown. Herald meeting at 9:45 at crown

Signet- Workday issues. They will bow to Meadhbh's will soon.

MoAS - Is looking for a replacement. Bardic went great. Cooks will resume after the new year. Also, Bycocket hat workshop after the new year. Dance happened. No report. Metalworking was attended recently

Webminister/chronicler - Updates FINALLY happened. Report was submitted.

Chatelaine - We are having new faces, which is always welcome.

Rising Cetus - no current activity

BWTA - has not needed a lot of work, but it is time to ramp up.

Yule - $500 polled for Yule - Looking for a site. 2 conf rooms available at Hendrick county fairgrounds on dec 8 of 15. 15th they could give us an extra classroom. Cecily is still looking. Dec 8 conflicts with slumber bardy. Second poll has passed.

Simple day bid - 2 options, Hendricks county fairgrounds or Marion county fairgrounds. 2000 for hendricks or 3300 for Marion county. Marion county would cost more, is rougher and would be more stripped down. We have not used Marion county fairgrounds over the last 20 years. Room decided we preferred Hendricks county. Let's go for a lot of energy on Hendricks!!! July 5-7th would be Simple Day. Polled for $3200 for july 5-7 at hendricks passed.

We still need to find a larger meeting site for our Tuesday meeting, and for an archery site. Please keep looking. Washington Township park on 36 between Danville and Avon is looking promising. However, it is outside of our baronial zip codes at the moment. Put call out on the fighter site on facebook to seek other sites.

Sept 20, 2018

Officers' Reports:

Coronet Have held two courts, having fun.
MOY is Open. (Minister of Youth) We have not had one for awhile. Please come forward if interested. It will NOT be a babysitter position. Guardian must stay with child at all times.
Clerk of the Roster is looking for deputy/eventual replacement. Need access to Word, and need access to update quarterly. No official timeline, but replacement being sought. Meadhbh expressed interest in becoming this deputy.
St. Timothy’s donation for continued use. Polled for budgeting $400 for the year ahead. Also, begin bringing donations! They have been very gracious to allow us to use this space. We want to help them.
Suggest household/hygiene items with much hype quarterly, solicit list of needs from St. Timothy’s.
Marshals (Armored, Fence, Archery, Equestrian, Youth)
  • New fighters, no injuries

  • Armored
  • No word. Looking to improve loaner gear. No Injuries
  • Rapier-
  • Rapier is still fun. Interest and intent remains good.
  • Archery
  • Beginning to hear interest on the facebook group. Public range does not need an official marshall.

  • Youth
  • Has had to cancel due to life issues recently but still exists!
  • Herald
    Property Master