Business Meeting

The monthly Business Meeting is open to all. This is where the day-to-day business of running the group is handled. Attendees wear modern attire.

The Business Meeting is held every 3rd Thursday at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. 2601 E Thompson Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46227. Meeting time is 6:45 PM - 9:00 PM

Donations to the Food Bank are always welcome! St. Timothy's is the only Gleaners location on the south side.

Latest Business Meeting Notes

Sternfeld Business Meeting Agenda

April 19th, 2018

Baron & Baroness

Disposition of old thrones
attending 3 saints, giving gift to new excellency of shadowed stars
Need more recs on old thrones
May be hosting banner making for scarves

Officers' Reports:


Polling Process - next steps
Formal Succession Plan (Good idea for all Officers)


- The marshals sent no reports.

nothing new to report
We have baronial linen.
Please return event staff baldrics to the herald. Scribal
Waltrudis wants to have a workday set up at east side library (Warren library) - June
Has source for rubber seal

Minister of Arts & Sciences
A&S faire at Better War
Bardic - we are having it. Openhouse on the 19th. Next 3rd Wed in May @ Tonis and Anne’s - theme working on next challenge for Crown. (Maybe change to Priscilla and JP)
Cooking -
Costumers - had a work day in March.
Dance - 60 people, invited to Bloomington for Mayday dance. 20 something crowd is now attending.
Metalworking - is happening. 3-4 people

Chronicler/Webminister Reports are up to date.

- had no new knocks at the door.

Rising Cetus - Eirik - were doing unofficial fighter practice. Sunday - business meeting at Wulfgar’s place on the 28th.

Possible demo at Pagan Pride in September - Collette Sept. 29th??

BWTA Recap - Hadley/Saldis - about 100 extra people ~350. We made ~$3,370.15. Lunch tavern made $527 for a fund raiser. Pencil in for Mar. 30th if not in conflict with Hoosiercon. Diaper donation 3,517, with wipes and other things.
Baronial Birthday bid - Jok - $96 for Tipton pavillion on June 23rd. Can have champion’s tourney’s and bardic competition. Camping and post rev. Meal is a bring your own or do pitch in with Tuala coordinating pitch in.
Simple Day - Wulfwen/Meadhbh
Simple Day Feast Budget (and draft Menu!) 70-80 people paid. Cost $800.40 . 8 people at the head table. Lucia wrangling entertainment.
General stuff
SALT attending.
Cookie Tourney - Duke Edmond has the buckler.
Snow cone fund raiser.
Still looking for an Archery MIC and a Thrown Weapons MIC
A&S team competition
Possible baronial investiture

Other items
New FP site? -
Pennsic camp -
Their Highnesses have levied a tax for Pennsic - wine and benches.

Sternfeld Business Meeting

March 15, 2018

Baron and Baroness

Old throne disposition- What should we do with the old thrones?