Arts & Sciences

We will be having a Share Craft Space in the Main Hall.

Share Your Craft is a time for people to sit and explain, show their craft and to let people share in that time. We will be running the area for most of the day, opening an hour after site and closing an hour before court. Please email me and let me know how many tables, electrical outlets, what sort of space you will need for your craft and what time you'd like to be there or if you'd like to be there all day. Email: Email Rosamunde von Metten

Midrealm Moneyer's Guild - our guild will be demonstrating how to make period coins

Gwydion Glyndwr will be in attendance with his falcon Fury - seek him out to learn all about his murder bird.

Ciara Eirikswif - will be doing a drop spindle demo from 11:00AM to 1:00PM

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