Food Options

Bake Sale!

Cinnamon rolls, buns, breads, cookies, and a slew of baked items will be available all day at BWTA for hungry Archers and Artisans alike.
All proceeds will go towards grains and materials for the Drunken Duck Tavern at Gulf Wars.
Hand-milled spent grain and sourdough starters grown from various brews will also be available.


Populace Lunch will be available from the Midrealm Animal Husbandry Coop

Lunch is available starting at 11:30, running through 1:30 (or until it sells out)

Choice of Soup: Beef Borscht or Vegetarian Lentil
Choice of Kolach: Meat or Cheese
Beverage: TBD
Price: $5

*Please do not include funds for lunch in your preregistration - lunch will be paid for onsite as it is being handled separately as a fundraiser and the funds cannot be mingled.

Feast will begin at 6:00PM or directly after Court should her Majesty choose to hold Court.

A feast will be prepared by Vladimir Igorevich Zholtov, more details available on the feast page!

Nearby Food

For those who do not wish to eat feast or lunch, there are several nearby food options.

From Site, Heading West on Main Street:

Several options exist about 1/2 a mile away from site:
Pizza Hut
Pizza King
Happy Dragon (Asian)
Jack's Pizza (Hope you like Pizza!)

Continue West on Main Street until US 36 - turn right onto US 36, heading West:

Corky's (50's Dining)
Burger King

Farther West on US 36, in Danville town proper:

Dairy Queen
Franks Place (33 S Washington Street) (Italian)

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