Schedule of Activities (Tentative)

Time Room 1 Dance Room 2 Dance Room 3 Dance Hall A Hall B
9:00-10:00Koffee with the King
10:00-11 Assorted branles: Family Friendly Parent Must Attend Early Italian: Petit Vriens, Rostibouli, AnelloPick-up Dancing an/or Hang out.TOCTOCArchery TOG
11:15-12:15German March and the RhinelanderMari's WeddingDances for the Family: Parent must attendTOCTOCArchery TOG
12:30-1:30Lunch Break / Pick up DancingLunch Break / Pick up DancingStarts at 1:00 Grab your lunch and bring it back. Take a rest and listen to this lecture "The History of Dance in the SCA"TOCTOCArchery TOG
1:45-2:45Gracca Amorosa and Fedelta (Urraca and Sionnain help Fedelta)Some Gresly Dances: Ly Bens, eglimore, green ginger, new yearLecture may continue & More Pick-Up DancingTOCTOCArchery TOG
3:00-4:00Jenny Plucked Pears, Rufty Tufty and Black Nag."Big Group" ECD: Hyde Park, Gathering Peascods, Sellinger's Round, Half HanniganSiannon Ball PrepTOC TOCArchery TOG
4:30-5:30Musicians can warm up in any dance roomCourtFeast Prep
6:00-7:30Musicians can warm up in any dance roomCourt Take Down/Feast
7:30Musicians can warm up in any dance roomDance may start early. Feast may continue
8:00EMPTYEMPTY EMPTY Dancing will start Feast clean up
10:30 EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY Last Dance Clean up Dance Area.
11Site ClosesSite ClosesSite Closes Site Closes Site Closes Site Closes

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