Title SCA Name Email
Baron Odo von Atzinger

Email the Baron

Baroness Lizabetta von Atzinger

Email the Baroness

THL Rónán of Keyth

Email the Seneschal

Lady Ellbríg ingen Eoaín

Email the Chronicler

Lord Dai Gerdwr

Email the Exchequer

Lady Colette the Seamstress

Email the Herald

Lady Líadan Liatháne

Email the Chatalaine

Knight's Marshal
Mateo Email the Knight's Marshal

Minister of Arts and Sciences MOAS
Lady Anne Mulligan

Email the MOAS

Rapier Marshal
Lady Cecily O'Donell

Email the Fencing Marshal

Archer Captain
Master John of Sternfeld

Email the Archery Captain

Web Minister
Lady Ellbríg ingen Eoaín

Email the Webminister

Signet Meadhbh Ramsay

Email the Signet

Property Master Rois alann inghean Ui fhlaithbheartaigh

Email the Property Master

Minister of Youth
Office Open
Youth Marshal
THL Rois alann inghean Ui Fhlaithbheartaigh

Email the Youth Marshall

Clerk of the Roster Baroness Odile Endormie de Brienne

Email Clerk of the Roster

Equestrian Marshal
Office Open

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