Pennsic for the Beginner - Pack the Right Clothes

There are some hints that can save you a lot of discomfort. Many people don't consider what the foot hills of Pennsylvania at the beginning of August can do to the weather. If you think that Constellation weather is changeable, you haven't seen anything. Weather at Pennsic can range from blazing hot days where you'll want your coolest garb and a hat, to nights that can be both cold, around 40 degrees, and rainy, where you'll be thankful for a water resistant cloak, treated boots, and several layers of wool clothing. Sometimes these things can occur on the same day! However, like everything else, life usually equals out. These are just the extremes. There are also beautiful days in the 80s and clear nights in the 60s where you can wander comfortably in just average clothing. However, it's best to pack to layer for the extremes.

You'll also want to take into consideration the red mud, created because of the high iron content. Don't pack clothes for Pennsic that are delicate unless you have them packaged well and only plan on wearing them above the ground, no dragging hems, and then only in very good weather.

Now, for your feet. At Pennsic, you will be walking everywhere because cars must be kept in the parking lot up to a mile away after you unpack at your camp. Take several pairs of shoes and make sure they are comfy. Also, plan on changing your socks at least once a day to keep your feet dry and warm/cool, depending on the weather.

Now for the good news, at Pennsic, people wear very casual clothes most of the time so a few simple outfits will do well. If you need help getting those planned, please ask and I'll be more than happy to help you find how to make simple outfits that fit your personna and plan your Pennsic wardrobe. There are also several laundromats by the grocery stores in town so that you can wash a load of clothes to restock your closet mid-week when you are shopping for fresh food. A cloak doesn't have to be fitted, you can get a couple yards of warm wool to wrap around you and fasten it with a large pin. Tennis shoes are just fine if you need them to keep your feet in shape.

A last note on clothes, pack in the large plastic bins to keep your clothes dry in case of really bad rain and keep a dry set in your car. That way if we get a really bad storm and your tent goes down, you will still have clothes to keep you warm.

Baroness Moira MacGillavrey
Baronial Land Agent for Pennsic

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