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FAQ for Simple Day

Are day camps allowed?
Yes! Day camps are allowed around the battle field. You will need to drop off your gear and park your car in the parking lot.
Day camps can be set up in the Expo building as space allowed - first come first serve.
Is this site wet?
Yes! This site is discreetly wet. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. If you are caught drinking underage or contributing to a minor you will be evicted from the site without reimbursement.
Drinking will be monitored not only by SCA security staff but site staff also who reserves the right to evict any person not complying to site rules.
Are there Fireworks?
No! Fireworks are not allowed on site.
Is smoking allowed?
Yes! In the camping areas and more than 8 feet away from any building. Please dispose of cigarette and cigar butts into trash cans.
Are there areas to get out of the heat?
Yes! There will be a populace chill out area in the Expo Hall.
Are pets allowed?
Yes! Pets are welcome to be a part of Simple Day.
Only service animals will be allowed in the buildings or barns. Please clean up after your pets.
Please ensure your pets have adequate food and access to water at all times.
Pets MAY NOT be left unattended!
Will there be Gold Key if you need loaner garb?
Yes! There will be a gold key station by gate from the hours of 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM on Saturday. All garb must be returned after court. If you know you are going to need loaner garb - please email our Chatelaine at this link - we can pull the sizes you need prior to the event.
Are there showers?
Yes - two of the restrooms also have showers in them - one by the Expo building and the second over by the horse arena.

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Registration - Information on costs for the event and where to send preregistration.

Directions - How to get to the event site.

Food - Information on Feast, and also suggestions of nearby restaurants for those who do not wish to eat feast or lunch tavern.

Lodging - On-Site Lodging Options

Schedule - Schedule for the day.

Contact Us - How to contact the autocrat or various department heads.

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