Just for Fun!! These activities can be done as a individual, parent and child or team family!

The Bead Rescue Project - The Bead Rescue Project has returned! Keep your eyes open for beads that will be hidden around the event site. There are only a few hidden, so we ask that you find one, and leave any others you find, so that more people can enjoy! I will be available to answer any questions about your bead, beads and glass in period, or give you a cord to wear your bead on, at my table in the Merchant Area!

Youth Combat - Calling out to the youth of the Midrealm!
The Dragon Army is now training our youth, to prepare to step up and protect our beloved Kingdom! We will be hosting a youth combat practice in the morning from 9:00AM - noon. Please remember your parents will have to come with you to sign the waivers, and depending on your division may need to stay with you at the list. Please bring your armor, gear and weapons. Some loaner armor and weapons will be available. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, Rois

No skill required except a good sense of humor and the ability to have fun.
More details to follow on the activities to be listed below
All children must be accompanied by a baby sitter (over the age of 16), adult, parent or guardian - please don't make us turn away the kids because you didn't send someone to participate with them.

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