Merchant List

Medieval Medallions, Award Medallions
Schmidty Schtuff, Leatherwork and Crocheted/woven novelties
The Trade Post, Handmade soaps
Philippe’s Reproductions of Dead Peoples Trash, : Pewter reproductions of Roman, Viking, 14th century, and Tudor brooches, pendants, rings, and toys.
Rose Fyre Designs / The Bead Rescue Project , _Handmade replica ancient beads and jewelry
Halden Creations,Period style jewelry
Kraken Press, Kingdom Swag
Wired Whymsy, Wire Woven Jewelry
Mostly Middle Eastern and Silent Cat,
Two Baronesses, Buttons, winingas, hats, other small metal things and hoods
North Star Armory,
Hammer, Forge, & File, Inc, Period pottery and dishware, pewter ware, periodish jewelry
Viking Archery Supply
Sparks of Inspiration, Period inspired jewelry, hairstyling, and goods
Lotus Links Chainmaille, _chainmaille jewelry, hacky sacks, ‘stuffies’, and more
By My Hand Designs.

Come and merchant your wares and services at Simple Day!

This is a great opportunity for merchants to be able to get those pre-Pennsic sales to the populace.
Merchants will be outdoors for the event and can set up on Friday with tear down Sunday.
Merchants will be set up close to the battlefield - along the south tree line - see map.
There are limited spaces with electricity and water - RSVP early if this is needed.
Merchants are more than welcome to set up a workspace next to their tent if they wish - space is not an issue!
Merchants must supply own pavilions, tables and chairs.
Merchants are responsible for cleanup of their space.
There is no "merchant fee" - all we ask is for you to pay your site fees and a largesse donation.

Any specific needs should be raised with the Merchantocrat well in advance.

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