9pm(ish) Cookie Tourney


9am- List opens
9:45- Speed Tourney
10:30am- War Practice
12pm-1pm- Lunch break. Pickups can happen as long as a marshal is watching the list
1pm- Novice Tourney
1pm- C & T Armor as Worn Tourney
2pm- C & T Tourney
3pm- A-Game tourney
4:30pm- List closes

Cookie Tourney-
Fight people, wager cookies! Combatants get 5 cookie tokens to wager, spectators get 3. Wager on the passes fought, and redeem tokens for cookies. More tokens can be purchased. Proceeds go towards the Royal Travel Fund.

Speed Tourney- Single elimination, one and done fights. Quick bouts to help wake up and get moving!

A-Game Tourney- Round robin pool tourney. One and done passes.

Novice Tourney- open to anyone with no rapier awards from any Kingdom, and has been fighting for 3 years or less. Format tbd, passes will be one and done.

C & T Armor as Worn Tourney - Be it known that on the 7th day of July, during a Simple Day in the Country, a deed of arms will take place upon the field. This deed will follow the conventions of Cut and Thrust and will be conducted with blunted weapons of steel.
Let all who would test their skill bear with them these items:
First, ransoms befitting their station that will be forfeit to any who would best them in this deed.
Second, whatever harness they may wish to wear to protest themselves from the blows of their opponent. Their harness will be judged by three ladies, The Three Fates. These paragons will inform all those present if your harness is proof from cuts, both cuts and thrusts or merely adornment.
Last, they should bring with them a light heart, free from malice and buoyed up with joie de combat. This deed will be held after the mid-day meal while the novice fencers test their metal.

C & T Tourney- Advancing styles Each round will be fought with specified styles of weapons. If the combatant is not authorized in the style for that round, the default is single rapier. Best 2 of 3 passes wins a bout. The top fighters (# tbd) of each round advances to the next until the final round.
Round 1- sword and buckler
Round 2- sword and dagger
Round 3- longsword / two handed weapon
Round 4- single rapier

*Signups for tourneys will close 10 minutes before the posted start time.

*Pickups- Pickups are available all day if 1) there is open list space and 2) a marshal is watching the passes, not as a combatant participating in the passes.

*The rapier MIC does NOT run on "SCA" time. Please plan accordingly.

*MITs welcome! Come get signatures!

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