FRI12:00PMGeneralEvent open to staff for Tent Setup
FRI2:00PMGeneralSite Setup
FRI3:00PMGeneralEvent open to all attendees
FRI9:00PMRapierCookie Tourney
FRI10:00PMGeneralGate Closes
SAT8:00AMGeneralGate Opens
SAT8:30AMHoundsHound Setup
SAT9:00AMArmoredList Opens, Inspections, Authorizations
SAT9:00AMHoundsHound Check-in
SAT9:00AMArcheryRange open for inspections; if enough Marshals are available, range available for practice/instruction
SAT9:00AMRapierList Opens
SAT9:45AMRapierSpeed Tourney
SAT10:00HoundsHound Coursing Begins
SAT10:00Belted Champions PracticeArmored Combat Area
SAT10:00ClassesWild Edibles
SAT10:00ClassesFood & Fire : A Hands-on Workshop
SAT10:30RapierWar Practice
SAT11:00ArmoredNovice Speed Tourney, Followed by Regular Speed Tourney
SAT11:00ArcheryNovice Tourney
SAT11:00ClassesMr. Pen is Your Friend
SAT11:00ClassesMidrealm Page School
SAT12:00ArmoredLunch; field opens for pickups if Marshals available
SAT12:00HoundsHound Coursing Ends
SAT12:00ArcheryLunch; range will remain open if enough Marshals are available
SAT12:00RapierLunch; range will remain open if enough Marshals are available
SAT1:00PMArmoredShip to Ship Battle
SAT1:00PMEntertainmentGaming Opens
SAT1:00PMArcheryChildren/Youth Tourney
SAT1:00PMRapierNovice Tourney
SAT1:00PMClassesInspire, Lead, Motivate
SAT1:00PMClassesIntro to the Lathe
SAT2:00PMArmoredCity Gate Battle (limited rez for attackers)
SAT2:00PMArcheryChampion of the Day Tourney
SAT2:00PMRapierCut & Thrust Tourney
SAT2:00PMClassesA Tale of Two Conquests
SAT3:00PMArmoredOpen Field Battle
SAT3:00PMGeneralGate Closes
SAT3:00PMEntertainmentGaming closes
SAT3:00PMRapierA-Game Tourney
SAT4:00PMArcheryRange closes; tear-down begins immediately, pending Court
SAT4:30PMRapierList Closes

Information will be added as available

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