Baron and Baroness

The Baron and Baroness of Sternfeld

Baron Tonis van Driele & Baroness Anne Mulligan

Barons and Baronesses may wear a gold coronet with six pearls, ornamented as they see fit. The Baron and Baroness of a Barony are ceremonial positions. The Baron and Baroness are local representatives of the Crown. They make and give Baronial awards.

Baron Tonis van Driele is the son of a sailor from Gelderland and a Scottish highland mother. He has travelled the world as a fighter and bard. He was squired to Herzog Matthias von Loewenberg (West/Atenveldt) and later recognized for his mastery of the Bardic/Performing arts. His Excellency continues to sing with the music group he helped found in Atenveldt, The Whiskey Bards, as well as a recently formed music group in the Midrealm, Surreptitious Whiskey.

Baroness Anne Mulligan’s parents owned an inn in Belfast, Ireland. While working there she met a young, travelling warrior-bard and accepted his offer to travel the world with him seeking their fortunes abroad. Her Excellency has fought rapier on the fields of Estrella and Pennsic and is best known artistically for her woodblock printing. She has also gifted multiple custom gloves over the years and is a book-maker.

 His ExcellencyHer Excellency
Food AllergiesPineappleCapsaicin (anaphalactic), sulphur/sulfites/sulfates, Gluten intollerance.
Food DislikesSweet meats (offal), excessively spicy, textural (no slimy) Textural (no slimy)
Beverage LikesWater, lemonade, coffee, sweet wines, dark beers, sweet ales & meads, mixed drinksWater, ice/hot teas, coffee (decaf), rum, whiskey (not scotch), mead, (alchohol must not have sulfites/sulfates)
Beverage DislikesIPAs, peaty or hoppy drinksIPAs, peaty drinks

The Baron and Baroness will be providing further information soon!

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