Baron and Baroness

The Baron and Baroness of Sternfeld

Odo von Atzinger and Lisabetta von Atzinger

Barons and Baronesses may wear a gold coronet with six pearls, ornamented as they see fit. The Baron and Baroness of a Barony are ceremonial positions. The Baron and Baroness are local representatives of the Crown. They make and give Baronial awards.

Baron Odo and Baroness Lisabetta belong to a 14th Century German household but have diverse historical interests. Odo and Lisabetta are both martial peers. Odo is a Knight with a preference for polearms, and Lisabetta is a Master of Defense with a preference for single sword or sword and buckler. As to more peaceful arts, Lisabetta enjoys singing, embroidery, and appliqué. Odo is a former illuminator.

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