The Barony of Sternfeld is a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

Our lands include the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, and surrounding counties of Hamilton, Marion, Hancock, Morgan, and Shelby, and Johnson county north of State Road 44, Indiana.

For more information about who we are and how we are organized, see the below links to specific pages on this site:

Armorial — Many within Sternfeld have developed their own “Arms”. Collected here are the arms of many of our populace.

Awards — The Barony, much like the Kingdom, likes to recognize those who serve the group with their time and talents in fighting, the arts and sciences, and volunteering. Provided here is the list of Baronial Level awards.

Baron and Baroness — Our Baron and Baroness are Baron Tonis van Driele and Baroness Anne Mulligan. They are the ceremonial heads of state of our group. For more information about them, see the link.

Baronial Laws and Policies — Like other political bodies, past and present, we have our own code of laws. Our by-laws, financial policies, etc. can be found on this page.

Champions — Each year, the Barony selects champions in the Arts and Sciences, Heavy Weapons, Archery, and Rapier. These champions represent the Barony and the Baron and Baroness in competitions throughout the year. Here is the list of current and past champions.

Newsletter — We have a monthly Baronial Newsletter – The Sternfeld Star. The current issue and recent issues can be seen here.

Officers — There are many who manage the running and business of our Barony. Here are the current baronial officers.

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