Upcoming Events

Indy Pride Parade

Join us on June 11th at the Indy Pride Parade! The Barony of Sternfeld will be proudly setting up a booth during the parade and will be sharing our hobby with the community. If you’d like to be involved, please reach out on Facebook to join in!

Murphy Park Demonstration

Join us on September 16th at the Murphy Water Park at 115 S County Rd 575 E, Avon, IN 46123! The Barony of Sternfeld will be having a demonstration where we will share the Dream! Details are still being developed, stay tuned for more information!

Bring History to Life – Scheduling a Demonstration

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a legally chartered, non-profit society whose aims are:
-to reproduce and recreate the best aspects of the middle ages and renaissance, especially the ideals of courtesy, chivalry and personal honor
-to keep the culture and society of the middle ages and renaissance alive
-to support the study of medieval and renaissance history
-to support the study of the arts and sciences of the middle ages and renaissance
-to provide a forum for medieval sports and martial arts, especially tournament style combat

In keeping with this mission, the Barony of Sternfeld is pleased to bring history to life for schools, scout groups, and social organizations in the Indianapolis area. Donations are accepted for this service. Contact Us at least 30 days before your desired date to schedule a demonstration.

What kind of demonstrations can you do?
Our members have wide-ranging interests and specialties. Depending on member availability and your needs/location, we include these things when we do a demonstration:
Armored combat^ – Medieval tournament-style combat, combatants usually look like “knights”
Rapier combat^ – the style is Renaissance and often takes the form of the one-on-one duel, a great complement to Shakespeare teaching units
Fiber arts** (spinning, weaving, dyeing, tailoring)
Calligraphy, Illumination, Bookbinding**
Animal Husbandry, Equestrian, Hound Coursing*
Everyday Life, like Games, What People Wore, Cooking, and even more obscure topics, like Medieval Mathematics**

Recent demonstrations:
The Barony has demonstrated medieval and Renaissance life at Riley Days, the Fishers Ren Faire, and many public libraries and public and private schools around Indianapolis.

^ Teachers: depending on the focus of a demonstrations, these martial activities usually involve real, blunted and/or simulated weaponry. Check your school/district policies to determine if this will be allowed on school grounds.
* Please request a demonstration 60-90 days out if you’re hoping we’ll bring our animals. The logistics are very complicated.
** These things can be demonstrated, or if time allows, a hands-on teaching element can be incorporated

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