Hendricks County 4H Fairgrounds and Conference Complex

1900 East Main Street
Danville, IN 46122

June 30 to Sunday, July 2, 2023

Do you feel in need of a little relaxation? Just a chance to sit and have fun?

Welcome to A Simple Quest: A Day to Relax!

Join the Barony of Sternfeld for a day to put up your heels and just enjoy yourself!
We are going to give everyone the chance to explore the best the SCA has to offer and to just sit and catch your breath for a day!

Oh! And LUNCH IS ON US (IF you preregister!)

Volunteer Sign-up

Click the link below to volunteer!

Pre-Reg Member Non-Member
Weekend Adult
One Day Adult
Youth (6-17)
Under 5 free
Family Cap
Camping Pre-Reg At Gate
Only one person per tent or RV will need to register for camping.

Baronial Welcome Letter

Greetings to all the Midrealm!


On June 30 – July 2, AS 58, the Barony of Sternfeld will once again be hosting A Simple Day in the Country: Simple Quest. Please join us for a full weekend of fun and camaraderie.


A centerpiece of this year’s event will include a Quest for all ages (activity scavenger hunt). We will have our normal martial activities including Archery, Armored, Rapier, and Thrown Weapons. Armored scenarios in the afternoon will include Combat Archery and Siege. We will also have a slate of classes, an Artisan’s Green, and music! After court on Saturday there will be a thirty-minute concert by Flama Chorum followed by a one-hour Bardic Luminaries concert featuring some of the professional/semi-professional bards of the Midrealm. This will be followed with an open Bardic Circle lasting into the night.


This is a camping event. Please consider joining us camping. You can work out any last minute camp items before Pennsic War.


Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at A Simple Day in the Country: Simple Quest.


Tonis van Driele and Anne Mulligan

Baron and Baroness of Sternfeld

Event Staff

Master Llewellyn ap Tiernon

Event Steward


Lord Gerard Martel

Deputy Event Steward



Master John of Sternfeld

Archery Captain


Captain Dyderich Wolfhart

Marshall in Charge


Forrester Brigitta Rosa Von Metten

Thrown Weapons Marshall in Charge


Maestro Adam Comyn

Rapier Marshall in Charge


Baron Tonis von Driele

Entertainment and Teardown


Baroness Anne Mulligan



THL Giuliana Lucia Solari

Hound Coursing and Activities


Mistress Odette d'Amboise

Craftspersons Green


Lord Dai Gerdwr

Merchant Coord.


Lady Líadan Liathán​

Sternfeld Yardsale


Baroness Hadley of Shadowed Stars

Volunteer Coord.


Mistress Lucia Elena Braganza

Reservation and Gate Control


Runa Kirri and
The Kraken

Quest Coordinators


Lady Ellisif Elder Grimsdottir

Camping Coordinator 


Lord Frostulf Thorgnyson

Sternfeld Seneschal


Event Schedule


Time General Armored Rapier Archery Thrown Weapons Hound Coursing Arts & Sciences
Troll open
Troll closed


Time General Armored Rapier Archery Thrown Weapons Arts & Sciences Room A Arts & Sciences Room B Arts & Sciences Room C
Finish setup
Finish setup
Troll open
List Opens

Check-in, inspections, authorizations, and
Field opens
Range opens

Gear inspection and range open!
Range open

Open Throw
Kingdom Melee Practice
Bubblewand Shoot
Kingdom DEI Team and Strategy
Vocal Production and Projection; How to use your voice without losing it
Tournaments begin

Format will depend on number of participants
Embroiderers Guild Panel
Midrealm Anthems
Open Throw
Open Tournament
Field closes
Atlantian Speed Tournament
Stuffies shoot
Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion Tournament
Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety

Possible war practice and champions practice
Open field
Troll closed
Open throw
Sherbet/Sharbat: The Refreshing Ottoman Fruity Drink
List closes
Range closes

Tear down & pack up
Field closes
Range closes


Flama Chorum concert
7:15pm - 8:15pm
Luminaries Bardic Concert
Open Bardic Circle


Time General Armored Rapier Archery Thrown Weapons Hound Coursing Arts & Sciences

Tear down, pack up, and have safe travels!

Join us again soon!

Archery event details

Range will be 10 yd Big foam target, 20, 30 , maybe 40 yd ranges with nets. All day open range. Per “simple day” theme nothing organized is planned – shoot until your fingers are numb.

Stuffy Shoot – archer hits stuffed animals and keeps it! Open to all archers under age of 12 [parent or guardian presence req’d]
 Bag limit of 2/archer

Bubblewand Shoot hosted by Thorfinnr, prizes made by “By His Hand”

Arts and Sciences class details

Classroom A
10:00-2:00 Bookbinding-
Hey, gang! If you’ve always wanted to see bookbinding in action – or make your own! – come see us at Simple Day, where the Midrealm Bookbinders will be hosting a Bookbinding Salon. There will be four different book kits to purchase, and plenty of space to sit down to make it while you’re with a bevy of knowledgeable bookbinders who are more than happy to help. The book styles will be: early Coptic Nag Hamadi, Japanese stab, Indian leaf, and Elizabethan ledger books. We will also have a table filled with the resources we use for you to thumb through, and a display of several of our books to check out. As a special treat, the Calf to Codex book will also be on display! Come see us at Simple Day!

Dame Roana Alidnoch, OP
THL Arianwen Triona Ceridwen O Wyndham OE



Classroom B
10:00-11:00 Kingdom DEI Team and Strategy

HG Runa Kirri



11:00-12:00 Embroiderers Guild Panel



1:00-2:00 Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety
How do we make sure there is room in the room for everyone in the room.

Maistress Odette d’Amboise



2:00-3:00 Sherbet/Sharbat: The Refreshing Ottoman Fruity Drink
A history of the Ottoman Turkish medieval beverage sharbat/sherbet complete with tastings of 1-2
flavors that will be made during the class time. This drink is family friendly if the kids wish to wait to
try it.

Sayyida Raziya al-Zarqa



Classroom C
10:00-11:00 Vocal Production and Projection; How to use your voice without losing it
Learn what the diaphragm is and how to intentionally use it. Learn practical breathing exercises to
increase use of lung capacity. Learn how to project using the body as a resonance chamber and discuss
enunciation and presence. This class is useful for anyone needing to be heard and understood in a less
than ideal environment (performers, heralds, battlefield, Royals, etc.).

HE Tonis van Driele



11:00 -12:00 Midrealm Anthems
Learn the words and music of the three kingdom anthems we are singing this reign. Time permitting,
we may venture on a few other Midrealm songs as well!

Dame Ursula Mortimer


Baronial Court

Please note that we will be hosting a Baronial court specifically for reading in the Bylaws changes at noon on Saturday, July 1.

Merchant Info

Welcome Merchants!

Merchant Row will be on the southwest side of the camping and activities field, where it has been in the past. Someone will be available during
gate hours (5pm to 10 pm Friday and opening at 8 am Saturday) to help direct you to your spot. Once you have unloaded please move your car to
the parking area before set up.


The site is in a maintained open field that is roughly accessible (no paved paths but mowed grass and generally level ground.)

You must provide all tables, chairs, and day shades for your setup.


Please fill out the merchant form at https://forms.gle/GWpcuTD7mCg9j47D8 and then preregister at

Registration for up to 2 persons per merchant is FREE with a donation of an item to the event for inclusion in the Simple Quest completion basket
drawing – select the “merchant” option when registering. Camping is separate so please register one daily rate per campsite per night and
let us know on this form whether or not you want your camp to be with your merchant booth. Note that RV sites are not near the merchant area.

Your donation can be left at gate when checking in or delivered to the merchant coordinator Saturday morning.


Power will be available should you require it; please note on the form if you need it. You will be required to provide your own power cables
and multi-socket adapter.


Water is also available; please note on the form if you need a connection and bring your own hose and 2-way diverter. You will be
responsible for handling your wastewater.


If you have any questions, please contact Dai Gerdwr (Bill Sutton) at dai@bsutton.com or (317) 437-0463 (no calls after 9 pm please.)

About the Barony of Sternfeld

The Barony of Sternfeld is a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

Our lands include the city of Indianapolis, IN and surrounding counties of Hamilton, Marion, Hancock, Morgan, Shelby, and Johnson (north of SR 44) counties in Indiana.