Hound Coursing

Field set up starts at 8:30 am

Hound sign in starts at 9:30 am

• Coursing begins at 10:00am

• All dogs are required to provide written proof of vaccinations at sign in.

• All dogs must wear a collar or harness while coursing.

• Dogs must be at least 1 year old and in good health.

• It is recommended that dogs should also have a muzzle for use, should the need arise for it.

• Dogs must be leashed and under a handlers control at all times when not actively coursing. Owners are required to provide food, water and a place to rest and recover after coursing is competed.

• Owners are responsible for clean up and disposal of dog waste while on site.

• Our coursing field is open to children with an accompanying parent.


THL Giuliana Lucia Solari

THL Torvald Swakhammer of Stonebridge

About the Barony of Sternfeld

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